Grant Program Information

The American Trakehner Foundation’s mission is to promote the Trakehner horse of East Prussian origin, primarily through education and the fostering of the breed’s participation in amateur equestrian sports competition at the national and international level.

Groups, organizations, owners, and riders of Trakehner horses based in North America are encouraged to apply for grants. Grants are available for educational events or activities, competitive events or activities, and promotional events or activities that involve the Trakehner horse in some manner.

A Preliminary Grant Request Application is available on our website. Upon receipt of the preliminary form, the more detailed Grant Application will be sent to you by the Grant Committee.

Policies & Procedures

The following are the current policies and procedures of the committee:

  1. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the merit of the proposal and as to how well it supports the Foundation’s mission. All applications will be evaluated on a year by year basis and without regard to prior years.

  2. All applications must be typed or neatly printed. Illegible applications will not be considered.

  3. Applications can be submitted anytime. If a particular application is denied it can be resubmitted for consideration by the Grant Committee at a subsequent committee meeting. Grants may be considered after the fact for activities already held when those activities are judged to meet the criteria of supporting the Foundation’s mission.

  4. Completed applications will be considered upon receipt, and requests for any additional information and the Board’s decision will follow within a reasonable period of time once all information has been submitted. Please keep in mind that the committee must review and discuss the application before presenting it to the Board for their discussion and decision.

  5. All applicants must submit a project budget, and groups and organizations must submit a current Treasurer’s report with their applications.

  6. All deliberations of and applications to the Grant Committee and Foundation Board will be absolutely confidential. The Grant Committee will make recommendations to the Board, and the Board will make decisions as to the awarding of grants.